Product Description

An Ozone Bag For Exposing A Limb To Ozone - Ozone Compatible

The Ozone Limb Bag is an ozone resistant bag made for exposing a limb to ozone gas.  It comes with two ports which can be applied to the location that best suits you.  The inlet port will allow ozone into the bag and the outlet port will be for excess ozone to exit the bag.  The ports come preassembled with lure locks for easy connection of silicone tubing.  

The inlet port will connect directly to the ozone generator or Ozone Bubbler System with the included tubing.  Attach the outlet port to an Ozone Destruct to eliminate the excess ozone or close it off with the included one-way on/off valve.  We recommend purchasing the Ozone Limb Bag with the Ozone Bubbler System.  The Ozone Bubbler System will both humidify the ozone for effectiveness and give you an Ozone Destruct to eliminate the excess ozone for safe breathing. 

Key Features

  • Bag made from ozone resistant material so it can be reused
  • Barb fitted outlet/inlet ports for easy connection to silicone tubing
  • Outlet/Inlet ports can be applied to position most convenient


  • 2 Ports for Inlet/Outlet
  • 1 Tourniquet for tight seal
  • 3 ft of silicone tubing with luer locks

RECOMMENDED with Ozone Limb Bag

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