For the mouth

Dental Paste

Daily protection, fight infections, heal wounds

Hydrogel 15%

Extra strength oral gel for infections, sores, post-surgery, cavities, and more

For the skin

Liniment 10%

Ozone cream for beauty care, acne, minor infections, cuts, and scrapes

Lipogel 15%

Extra strength soothing gel for infections, ulcers, burns, and wound healing

All-Purpose Ozone Cream and Gel

Commonly used for beauty care, wound care, infections, and more

High Strength

Uses a highly concentrated ozone oil base for optimized results

Toothbrush product

Better than ozone oil

Our ozone creams and gels use more scientific manufacturing methods, smell better, and absorb better

Naturally Healthy

FREE of parabens, silicones, dyes, and artificial fragrances

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Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilizers on earth. Our unique formula harnesses the power of ozone to destroy harmful microbes. The ozone in our product quickly penetrates the skin releasing bioavailable nutrients into the tissue which help to nourish and protect.

Ozone oil based

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria (antiseptic)
  • Promotes and speeds healing
  • Multi-purpose and can be used on a wide variety
  • Replaces the need for other ointments
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product image

A New Standard for Ozone Oil

Scientifically formulated to be more stabilized, more absorbent, and more effective

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"I love this product. My skin is so soft and hydrated. It's also the only product I've used around my eyes and did not get milia, which has taken me years to find!"

- Nikolett

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