About Us

About Simply O3

Simply O3 LLC is a family-owned and operated business based in Grand Ledge, Michigan. 

Our specialty is manufacturing, sales, and support of ozone generators, ozone machines for in-home ozone use and for use in professional settings.

My father, Tom, recognized the ingenuity and effectiveness of a therapy called UBI after missionary work done in Togo, West Africa.  Beginning a business in a small, quiet, and often cold Michigan room, my father enthusiastically became an evangelist of health.

From running a medical clinic to invitations from Harvard and Yale to directing his own elite medical conference, Tom has served as a Godly inspiration to his eleven children and gave me the initial inspiration to start Simply O3. He noted to me the need for economic and reliable ozone generators in the marketplace. I, Micah, the current operator and owner of Simply O3, have big shoes to fill.

We are passionate about the community we serve and work with.  Our sincere thanks to all the friends, doctors, professionals, competitors, and clients who have encouraged and inspired us.  We deeply appreciate the relationships we have. 

The promise of myself and the Simply O3 staff to you:

  • Improve quality of life through accessible and reliable ozone equipment
  • Commit to excellence.  Express humility and a desire to genuinely assist people
  • Provide reliable, easy to use products
  • Prompt and thorough communication 

Wishing you good health and quality of life,

Micah Lowe
Owner, Simply O3