Product Description

Neutralize Ozone With The Ozone Destruct To Prevent Breathing Ozone

The Ozone Destruct is anAmerican made carbon-based catalyst for neutralizing excess ozone.  Often it is used in combination with an Ozone Bubbler, Ozone Limb Bag, or to eliminate unneeded ozone from an ozone syringe or ozone bag.  Ozone is not intended to be breathed, an Ozone Destruct will reduce the possibility of breathing ozone.  Ozone gas must past directly through the Ozone Destruct to be neutralized. 

The internal carbon-based material is an American made ozone catalyst specially designed to have a long lifetime.  Under consistent use, the Ozone Destruct needs to be replaced once every 5 years to maintain the integrity of its function. 



  • Stainless steel construction for lasting durability
  • Specially engineered carbon material for a long-lasting lifetime
  • Luer Lock connections for easy and tight fittings



  • One Ozone Destruct

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