What's the difference between the ozone generators?

What's the difference between the ozone generators?

We currently have four different generators. All of them put out equally pure ozone but sit on a spectrum of versatility, meaning some are good for basic methods while others are good for complex administrations by a professional.  

ozone generator comparison chart

Best Options for Home-Users


Stratus 2.0 - $1,214.9

  • Least expensive option
  • Six concentrations to choose from, usable for most applications at home
  • Hardy exterior

Do you want to save money and get started? The Stratus 2.0 is our most basic ozone generator. This is a good option if you are just getting started with basics and want to save a dollar. It will provide what you need for ozone at home and save you some money.


Stratus 3.0 - $1549.99 (comes with regulator)

  • Easier to use than Stratus 2.0
  • More concentration choices than Stratus 2.0 = more options for home applications
  • Built in destruct to neutralize ozone

Do you want the best machine for home-users? The Stratus 3.0 is for the home-user that wants maximum functionality out of a home-user ozone generator. It's easier to use and provides more choices for concentrations of ozone, so you have more options.

The Stratus 3.0 also has a built in destruct, which is useful for eliminating excess ozone. This will make it easier to do things such as make ozone water or to eliminate ozone you do not want to breath.


Best Options for Professionals

Cumulus - $2,999.99

  • Lots of concentrations to choose from.  Good basic machine for all ozone applications.
  • Manual adjustment with dial and oxygen

Are you just getting started in the clinic? The Cumulus is the “save me money” machine for the professional. This is probably a good machine for you because you will get everything you need and not have the expense of the Ozonette.

You will have a full range of ozone concentrations that allow you to do anything in a professional setting.

The Cumulus requires manual adjustments by rotating the dial on the machine and changing the flow rate of the oxygen.


Ozonette - $8,999.99

  • Easy to use with digital touch
  • Saves time with automatic functions
  • Precision measuring of ozone as it's made

Are you using a lot of ozone and want the best machine? The Ozonette will save you a lot of time with it’s built in automations. It’s incredibly easy to use and requires almost no training because of the user-friendly digital touch.

With the Ozonette, you never have to turn the oxygen tank on or off because it has a built in pressure system. It will extract oxygen as it needs it and turn it back off again.

The Ozonette has a built in function to measure the concentration of ozone as it’s made. 



  • Stratus 2.0 - Best if you want to save money for home applications
  • Stratus 3.0 - Best if you want an easy to use and versatile ozone generator for home applications
  • Cumulus - Best if you are just getting started as a professional or won't use more than 15 times per day
  • Ozonette - Best machine, period.  If you use a lot of ozone in the clinic or just want the best machine, get this one.

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  • Micah Lowe