How do your generators compare to competitors?

How do your generators compare to competitors?

From the owner, Micah - The Ozonaut

I have a few points that are important and will help you to choose a company.  If you don't choose us, that's ok.  My job is just to help you make a decision about implementing ozone.  

I once tried convincing people about how different our equipment was.  I tried to differentiate us from the other two companies in the North America.  I cannot name them but most people know the two I'm talking about.

One day, I decided to do a comparison video, showing all the differences between each company.  As I went through all the machines, I realized something.  The differences are so small.   It won't make a difference to the customer.  They just want a machine that is safe and does what they need.  All the equipment was more or less the same... just with different sizes and styling.  They all put out the same purity and quality of ozone.  Each company has different levels of machines that are comparable to the other companies.  So it made me ask, "Truthfully, what is the difference between the companies from the customer's standpoint?"  

My Qualifications

In the past 7 years I have created over 30 different iterations of laboratory grade ozone generators. All the machines adhere to standards set forward by the International Scientific Committee of Ozone. I have had in depth conversations with many manufacturers, including the ones that supply the competitors.  In addition, I've gained an in depth understanding of the industry from the business, marketing, and scientific perspectives.  I regularly consult with some of the most prestigious scientists and doctors in the industry, both internationally and domestically.

I don't say the above to gloat, but to tell you about my qualifications and explain my reasoning.

The Truth

The technology and equipment is almost the same between ourselves and the other two companies. 

  • We all use 100% ozone compatible materials to produce ultra-pure ozone without adulterants (although some will try to make you believe otherwise)
  • We all have four levels of ozone generators, each level with more versatility than the last.  
  • We all use the same technology to generate the ozone.  There are different power components but the same result.
  • Perhaps slightly different methods, but the same ozone quality, same concentrations, same flow rates... what is really different then?  The style, size, noise level, and other relatively inconsequential differences.

We have one machine that is truly different, the Ozonette.  We don't recommend this machine for most people.  It's different because it has a built in analyzer, pressure system, and automations.  Other than that, each company has different levels of machines that are all synonymous with each other.  

The other companies will try to make it seem like they are really different.  But they aren't.  One company will tell you the other two companies will produce toxic contaminations in the ozone gas.  But they don't.  You can read more on ozone compatibility and what it takes to produce ultra-pure ozone here.

Ozone compatibility is a real concern.  Which is why I am only mentioning the top three in North America.  There are other, less expensive machines, that do not use the materials necessary to create ultra-pure ozone.  They often cut corners to achieve the lower price.  

Click here if you want to compare the differences between Simply O3 ozone generators.  

The real difference

Although the equipment is not that different, there are some significant differences between the companies themself.  

These are some things to consider when choosing a company: 

  • Price - There is quite a range of pricing between the three companies.  We are the least expensive overall.
  • Return Policy - We have a 6 month money back guarantee on ozone generators and kits.  You can return for a full refund within 6 months of the order.  The other companies have short time frames, like two weeks.  After that you will be subjected to a restocking fee.  
  • Warranty - Two of the companies (including Simply O3) have a true lifetime warranty on the equipment.  One company says they have a lifetime warranty, but it only covers one piece that is never likely to breakdown.  They really have a five year warranty, which is still good.  
  • Service - The quality of service is important.  If you have questions, you need to reach someone that is knowledgeable and helpful.  Each company seems to do a respectable job at this.  

What I have to gain

You might ask, "Micah, why are you saying all this? What are you gaining from this?" Well, you have to understand my agenda:

  • Glorify God with my words and honesty
  • Grow the industry so more people can be helped with ozone.  The best way to grow the industry is to educate people with truth. 
  • I live by this statement by John Wesley (who we named our son after): Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.  I believe that openness and transparency is the best way to do business because you will attract like-minded, good people.  This leads to more organic growth in the long-term.

 These values are especially close to my heart right now (May 21st, 2020).  We just left pediatric ICU with baby Wesley.  For 15 hours I wasn't sure if he was going to recover.  It really puts into perspective what you value.  Wesley is doing fine now and on the road to a healthy recovery.  

I want you to make informed decisions about your health.  I hope this helps shine light on the industry and allows you to make an informed decision.

Wishing you good health,

Micah - The Ozonaut

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