Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Product Description
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Key Features:

  • DETOXIFY with your own natural pathways.  Relax saunas elicit the body to sweat and eliminate by product
  • FAR INFRARED light that is tuned between 4.4 - 14.4 microns, the perfect range for the body to absorb all the infrared light.  This eliminates the ranges that are not used by the body.
  • PATENTED far infrared technology to provide pure, high-powered far infrared light for optimal benefits
  • QUICK SESSIONS - Relax Sauna is able to heat up in 30 seconds or less
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - There are two different heat sources that can be controlled individually
  • Can be used as an ozone sauna with the use of an ozone generator


  • Full portable sauna set up

Product Description:

Chronic diseases tend to generate lots of toxic by product and build up in the body.  Detox is a necessary element to remedying chronic disease.  

Use Far Infrared Sauna right in your own home.  

There are only a few ways to eliminate waste out of the body: using the bathroom, breathing, and sweating.  

Far Infrared Sauna technology uses light waves, invisible to the eye, to penetrate the skin and reach further into the body.  Most people report more benefits from using a far infrared sauna as opposed to a dry sauna.  

Most portable far infrared saunas do not emit high levels of infrared light.  This is fine for relaxation but does not render equal therapeutic benefits provided by the Relax Sauna.  Relax Saunas uses a patented ceramic technology to provide pure, high-powered far infrared light to ensure optimum benefits. 

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