We Simply Care Program

You've been invited to this page because we want to work with you on the most important part of the mission - helping people. 

This page is not for everyone.  You were invited by one of the Simply O3 staff.  All of us at the company are excited about this program and we hope you are too!

This program is designed to reach people with serious healthcare needs but lack the funds.  If they meet your qualifications (details below), they will receive free equipment for ozone therapy at home.  

Over time, we would like to see this grow into something magnificent.  Our vision goes far beyond just providing ozone equipment for free.  We ask that you take it as seriously as we do because it will help us to grow the humanitarian efforts and reach more people.  

Dr. Alfaro administering ozone therapy during a medical mission trip in El Salvador

How you can participate

To get started, sign up through the form below.  We will review the application and contact you.

You must be a medical practitioner.  Most practitioners who qualify for this program frequently offer their own services for free, to help people.  It is a common characteristic of the type of people we want to work with.  

After approval of your form, you will then be eligible to provide ozone equipment for free to patients who are in need.  Each time a patient qualifies, notify us and we will get them set up.  

Who qualifies for free equipment?

This program is primarily dictated by the honor system.

Here are the recommendations for patients who should qualify for free equipment:
     - They have a health condition that is drastically affecting their life.  This would include chronic diseases, infections, pain, and more.
     - They cannot afford ozone equipment.  There is a big difference between someone who wants a discount (or to just get free equipment) and someone who actually cannot afford the equipment.  We trust you to distinguish between the two.
     - Ozone therapy would likely help their health condition

What equipment will they receive?

Any home ozone therapy equipment you feel they need.  This excludes our practitioner generators, the Cumulus and Ozonette.    It also excludes equipment that we do not have in stock.  If you're not sure what would be best for them, just reach out to us and we will help get them what they need.

We Simply Care Application

Fill out this form to get started. Upon approval, you will be able to provide free ozone therapy equipment to patients in need.