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Simply O3 has been very easy to work with...
A very honest, high-integrity company!
~ Ann Auburn

Simply O3 customers love their ozone products and the customer service that we provide.

We stand behind our products and are here to support you along the way.


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The Simply O3 Ozonette - $4,800

The Ozonette is Simpy O3’s premier Ozone Generator offering.
This product offers built-in automations for precision, accuracy, and ease of use. Perfect for use in your home or your clinic.

Ozonette Features

Contaminant free ozone output

2 in 1 machine - both an ozone generator and ozone analyzer

Automated settings for quick and easy operation

Refined digital interface allows for simple use of the Ozonette

Highest standard of certification with a IIb CE certificate
for reliability, safety, and consistency


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    Every Purchase Includes
    Simply O3’s Dedicated Customer Support!

    The Simply O3 customer support team will continue to be
    available to you following your purchase of the Ozonette.
    We are here to provide ongoing support and information
    to you when you need to contact us.



    More From Our Customers:

    Michael Rankin

    We are very careful about the suppliers we use,
    and the only supplier we ever use for any ozone needs is Simply O3...
    From the standpoints of quality and trust and I would never trust anybody but Simply O3

    Kim Look

    I have been using Simply O3 for several years now and have loved every minute of it.
    These machines have never let me down.
    My clients often buy the Stratus for home use and have done well also.
    Any time you can make ozone more available to people, the more their health issues can be resolved.



    We raise the bar for ozone generators
    with the Simply O3 Ozonette



    A CE Certified Ozone Generator

    Highest standard of certification of any Ozone Generator in the market

    Built-in Ozone Catalyst allows for excess ozone neutralization

    Built-in oxygen regulator for self-regulation

    Built in automations (easily autofill a syringe,
    limb bag, and more by the touch of a button)

      The Ozonette is backed by the Simply O3 3-year warranty
      and a 60-day money back guarantee
      to ensure your satisfaction.


      Simply O3 Offers A 60-Day
      100% Money-Back Guarantee

      If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of the Ozonette,
      you may return it to Simply O3 with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
      Simply notify us within 60 days of your purchase and we will work
      with you to return your unit for a full refund.

      The Ozonette also comes with our 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

      If your product is defective, by fault of the manufacturer,
      Simply O3 will repair or replace your Ozonette.
      Damage from falls, from water or oil backwash
      are excluded from the warranty.

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