Frequently Asked Questions About Ozone Generators

Simply O3 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about our Ozone Generator Products and Ozone Equipment

These are some of the most common that come up from our customers and those who are considering the purchase of an Ozone Generator or any of our Ozone Machines. If you don't find the answers you are looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact Simply O3 directly.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a natural molecule found in the atmosphere, thunderstorms, and even the human body. O3 stands for the chemical makeup: 3 oxygen molecules combined to form ozone.

You may have heard of the ozone layer, an atmospheric layer which protects the earth from UV radiation.

Ozone is also created during thunderstorms, giving us that fresh clean smell after. Ozone is naturally found in the human body. Although ozone is good and needed, there are large misconceptions about it.

Is Ozone Harmful to Humans?

Some individuals interpret ozone as a pollutant. Ozone gets a bad reputation because of smog. However, this would be referring to tropospheric ozone, not laboratory grade (made by our ozone generators) or stratospheric ozone.

Scientists needed an easy, inexpensive way to measure smog, so they picked ozone. Ozone is the measuring stick for the pollutants: hydrocarbons, peroxidized hydrocarbons, and nitrates.

Ozone is nature’s way to reduce smog and can be harmful in large doses, especially when combined with all the other elements of smog. Laboratory grade ozone, on the other hand, has a number of benefits.

What Is Ozone Used For?

Although ozone can be mislabeled as negative, it is useful and beneficial. Due to ozone’s ability to purify and oxidize harmful molecules, bacteria, and virus, it is implemented in medicine, athletics, municipalities, and purification.

Ozone is used for health benefits around the world and is recognized by multiple countries as having beneficial effects.

Municipalities use ozone to eradicate harmful bacteria and chemicals in water, producing a safe, drinkable water. Even the pools in the Sydney Olympics had been purified by ozone.

Hospitals, hotels, casinos, and car dealerships use ozone for air purification, sterilization, and odor elimination.

Are Your Devices Ozone Resistant?

Simply O3 uses 100% ozone resistant components in all ozone devices. The components we use have been declared as 100% ozone resistant by Cole Parmer, Ozone Solutions, and the CE Federation.

This chart is recognized worldwide and is even recognized by C.E. standards.

So why is this important?

If an ozone device uses non-resistant materials, they could be emitting unwanted chemicals.

All of Simply O3's devices use materials that has no effect on these materials. They will last indefinitely.

What Method Of Discharge Is Used In Making The Ozone?

We use cold corona discharge single dialectic in our ozone generators.

Why did we choose cold corona discharge single dialectic?

Because it is safe and effective. Cold corona discharge allows more accuracy of the device while outputting concentrations we need.

What Is The Difference Between The Ozonette And The Stratus?

The Ozonette is a highly professional, world class unit capable of meeting all professional ozone needs.

Features that differ between the Ozonette and Stratus:

  • Built in regulator
  • internal ozone analyzer
  • Internal ozone destruct
  • Digital interface
  • Internal calibration
  • Touch pad
  • Automated settings

The Stratus is perfect for the home user. We stripped away items from the Ozonette that wouldn’t be needed in a home setting. It is small, portable, economic, and easy to use.

Common purchases with the Stratus include the administration kit, an oxygen regulator, and an oxygen tank or concentrator. You can purchase the tank at a local dealer, it saves you time and money.

Do You Offer Bulk Ordering or Wholesaling?

Yes, we offer price breaks on most of our products. Apply to become a Wholesale Partner. Most price breaks require a minimum purchase of 5 units.

Looking for affiliate programs or referral fees? Contact us to discuss!

Do You Have A Guarantee?

YES - Simply O3 offers guarantees!

Every ozone generator and regulator includes a 6 MONTH money back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide to return the ozone generator within 6 MONTHS, simply contact ask us for an RMA, ship it back and we will process the refund!

This allows for you to make a confident purchase without making a big risk. This guarantee is applicable to: Stratus, Ozonette, Cumulus, 870 Regulator, and 540 Regulator.

***Orders over $9,000USD will be subject to a 25% restocking fee two weeks after the date of the purchase.  No returns allowed after 6 months.  

What Is Your Warranty?

All of our machines and regulators carry a LIFETIME warranty except for the Ozonette and Cumulus. The Ozonette and Cumulus carries a 2 year warranty. Ozone oils and administration kits do not carry a warranty but are able to be exchanged or credited in the case of a defect.

What Is Your Shipping Policy?

How Is Ozone Measured?

Ozone Concentration

  1. Parts Per Million (ppm) - This is the most common method. So if we were to have 1 ppm that would mean that for every million parts of gas, one of those would be ozone. (Note: ppb = parts per billion)

  2. Milligrams (mg/l) or Micrograms (ug/ml) of ozone per liter - Indicates milligrams/micrograms of ozone in one liter of total volume (gas or liquid). This is the measurement we use for our devices.

Ozone Production

  1. Grams of ozone per hour (g/hr) - Ozone output for a generator. We can measure the concentration of ozone in g/m(cubed), then when we calculate for flow rate with a measurement such as LPM (liters per minute), we can determine how many grams of ozone are produced in one hour of time.

  2. Milligrams of ozone per hour (mg/hr) - Same as grams but a smaller measurement.

  3. Gamma - A gamma is another term for mg/l (milligram per liter). It is a measurement of the concentration of the ozone. Therefore, 1 gamma = 1 mg/l.

Where Can I Find Ozone Cream And Ozone Oils?

All the ozone skincare products can now be found here!