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Ozone Oil + CBD to spray on the skin for muscles and joints.

Ozone oil is created when ozone gas is infused into a base oil, such as olive oil. We use a cold production process to create a stabilized ozone oil that has NO aldehydes such as formaldehyde.

Most ozone oil companies turn their ozone oil into a paste like consistency, which produces formaldehyde.

  • Pure organic ozonated olive oil + CBD
  • Known potency of the oil.  No guesswork, like competitors.  It has standardized practice which gives us the peroxide value (1,200).
  • Ultra pure oil.  Certain oils have an inflammatory effect on the body, you want an oil that does not illicit this type of response.
  • Cold technology used to make the oil.  This is important because a heated process causes the oil to become somewhat inflammatory.  It alters the base oil and creates inflammatory compounds produced by heat.

Ozone oil is not recognized by the FDA to treat, diagnose, or cure anything.  If you experience benefits it is most likely a placebo effect.

Spray the oil onto the affected area up to 3x per day.  May be used for muscle relaxation.

30 day money back guarantee.  Don't like the placebo effect you're getting?  Let us know and ship it back even if it's opened for a full refund minus shipping costs. 

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