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Complete Ozone Generator Kit

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A comprehensive kit with equipment for nearly all home-based ozone applications

Key Features:

  • Contaminant free ozone output (Output: 10 ug/ml – 75 ug/ml) (varies slightly)
  • The bundled kit allows for nearly all home-based ozone administrations
  • CE Approved for reliability
  • Custom fitted chart of concentrations for accuracy
  • Small size for portability and storage


  • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Water Bubbler System, Includes destruct but not a 3-way valve
  • Ozone Ear Insufflation Stethoscope
  • 2 3-Chambered Ozone Bags
  • Limb bag
  • 2 60cc Ozone Syringes
  • 10 Pack of Catheters
  • Your choice of Ozone+ Oxygen Tank Regulator
  • Oil bubbler system 
  • 3-inch cup
  • Nasal Cannula
  • 6ft of Silicone Tubing

**Note: The 3.0 Stratus machine is calibrated to be used with the Ozone+ Oxygen Tank Regulator. The kit does not include an oxygen tank.

Product Description:

Our most comprehensive kit includes the pieces necessary to get started with ozone administration at home.  This kit includes a Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator, one Water Bubbler System, one Ozone Stethoscope, one Administration Kit, and your choice of an 870 or 540 Pediatric Regulator

The Stratus 3.0 is the next generation of Ozone Generators designed by Simply O3.  This machine was made for the home-user, so they can do any application at home.  We gave the machine more variance in ozone output, which means that more applications can be done with it than the 2.0. 

The Stratus provides contaminant free ozone so it can be used for any application.  Luer locks on the machine allow for quick and easy attachment of all accessories.  Each machine is fitted with a custom chart of concentrations to ensure the accuracy of the concentrations.  Simply O3 designed this machine using cold corona discharge which is the most reliable technology for ozone generators to date.  This CE approved device has a lifetime warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

    Internal Components Exposed to Ozone

    All of our materials are 100% ozone compatible and resistant.  Click here to read more about ozone resistance.

    • Quartz Glass
    • Medical Grade Titanium
    • Silicone


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    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Policy:  Simply O3 is committed to providing dependable and quality ozone equipment. With the purchase of a Stratus ozone generator, the customer is given a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty allows a repair or replacement of the ozone device when the device has been deemed defective by fault of Simply O3. This does not include damage done to the unit by the user such as dropping, submerging in water, or backwash of liquid into the unit. 

    If a unit is defective we will issue an RMA. Once the RMA is issued, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ship the unit back to Simply O3.  Upon receiving the unit, it will be decided to either be replaced or repaired and shipped back to the buyer via standard shipping.

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    Jacqueline M.
    United States

    Ozone machine 3.0

    I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis this year and my life has been a rollercoaster from my spasms and sometimes not being able to walk. Also after attacks I use to get really bad migraines. After using the ozone machine and doing the ****** insufflation. I have not gotten any migraines. When my spasms occur I do and ozone treatment and it almost instant works. Being on all the medication I’m on my immune system is weak so have gotten rsv I did the ear insufflation and it has drastically helped with my symptoms. I highly recommend this product it has been life changing for my personal experience.

    Randolph H.
    United States United States

    A Dream Come True

    I have thought about purchasing an ozone machine for several years. I've heard podcasts and interviews on the many uses of ozone, but I always thought that it seemed too complex for me to try and figure out. Boy was I wrong. When you buy, you are given an online tutorial which is really straightforward in explaining and demonstrating how to use the machine. It is a step by step instruction and breaks down the whole process in simple easy to follow instructions. I think that having a breakdown of the various steps and components has made what I thought was a daunting task into an easy and worthwhile investment. I haven't really explored all the different things that can be done yet, but I must say that I'm really happy with my purchase with only one regret, and that is that it took me so long to buy. If you buy one, you won't be sorry.

    Lauren G.
    United States United States

    So helpful

    I have lymphedema and neuropathy with a chronic open wound in my arm. The pain and sleepless nights have been unbearable. I bought the 3.0 with the leg bag and used it on my whole arm and have had wonderful results. I use the arm bagging twice a day. The pain is greatly reduced and I have had it 2 weeks. The neuropathy is now painless. I still have problems with numbness, but I believe that will correct itself with the continued use of the ozone machine. The chronic wound has been open for over 5 yrs with no help from doctors. It was caused by radiation treatments. The wound has skinned over and is not draining anymore. I believe the hole will completely fill in after a while of using ozone. I am thrilled with the results after only 2 weeks. Thank you for a wonderful product.


    Micah - The Ozonaut

    That's so incredible! I'm very happy for you Lauren!

    Douglas H.
    United States United States

    Excellent Product

    If u have a virus or bacteria that u need help with, this unit produces whatever concentration u need to get the job done! And ozone has the wonderful ability to naturally improve the body's immune system helping to keep u strong and healthy.

    Brittnie P.
    United States United States

    Bought for my son who had cancer

    We have loved this kit it has something for everyone my son uses the ear insufflation for his memory and it has helped so much!

    What is your return policy?

    All Simply O3 ozone generators come with a 6 MONTH money back guarantee, from the date of completed order. If for any reason the customer decides to return the product within that time frame, we will refund the full price of the device minus the shipping cost. Shipping costs will not be refunded to the customer.

    ***Orders over $7,000USD will be subject to a 25% restocking fee two weeks after the date of the purchase. No returns allowed after 6 months.

    This policy exists to encourage our customers to try the device. They can always return within 6 MONTHS, for any reason.

    This policy applies to all purchases of an ozone generator device

    Some products (such as a Complete Ozone Kit) includes both an ozone generator and accessories.  Unused accessories can be returned for a full refund within the 6 months only under the following criteria:
    - It is unused
    - It is undamaged
    - It is returned with the entire kit, including the ozone generator and other accessories

    Accessories and Regulators

    Accessories, ozone add-ons, and ozone oils can be returned within 30 days of the purchase if they are unopened and unused.  After 30 days, we do not accept refunds of accessories.

    Oxygen Tanks
    Unused oxygen tanks may be returned within 30 days of the purchase date.  They must be shipped back empty and be entirely unused.  Refunds will no longer be accepted after 30 days.  

    The customer is responsible for shipping the products to us.  

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