What is the difference between the kits?

What is the difference between the kits?

We have kits on our website to make the purchasing process easier. Kits are common products that have been bundled together. For example, the Home User Kit includes the following products:

  • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • 10 Catheters
  • 2 3-Chambered Ozone Bags
  • 2 Syringes

The primary difference between kits are the accessories included.  There are also different generators -The Stratus 3.0, and Cumulus.  Each one has four kit options - Home User, Complete Kit, Prep Kit, and Gold Kit.  Ex. The 3.0 Complete Kit will include everything in the complete kit + the Stratus 3.0 ozone generator.

Most people buy the complete ozone kit because it has the most common materials used at home.

On our website, we primarily have the Home User Kit, Complete Kit, and Gold Kits. Here is a comparison of the different kits.  

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  • Micah Lowe