December Discount Details


The Holidays are here!

We are offering a 15% Discount on nearly ALL products!

What does that mean? 

Although our discount applies to nearly all products, there are a few cases and products where the 15% discount is not applicable.  Otherwise, the discount automatically applies on checkout.

The discount does not apply to wholesale accounts and purchases, referral program purchases, or affiliate accounts and purchases.  

The discount does not apply to the following products (most people won't see these on the store anyway):

  • Sophia Kit
  • Starter Dental Kit
  • Immanence health kit
  • Dr. West Ozone Kit
  • Breath Hacker Kit
  • Ozonette
  • Far Infrared Sauna

The discount ends 12/23 at 11:59 Pacific Time.

Happy shopping!

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  • Micah Lowe