Ozone Syringe, 60cc

Product Description
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Ozone-Resistant Syringe For Capturing Accurate Measurements Up To 60 mLs

Key Features: 

  • Prevents toxic by product by using ozone compatible and resistant materials
  • Better than glass syringes because it's easy to use and doesn't break
  • Luer lock connection for easy on/off attachments to machines and accessories
  • Sterilized packaging for assured purity

Normal syringes will rapidly breakdown from exposure to ozone which leads to toxic chemicals.  To avoid this toxic chemicals, it's important to use materials that are highly ozone resistant - like the ozone syringe! 

Price breaks are as follows:

1 Syringe       -$2.80/syringe
25 Syringes   -$2.40/syringe
100 Syringes -$1.93/syringe
400 Syringes -$1.82/syringe
1200 Syringes -$1.75/syringe
2000 Syringes -$1.68/syringe
To get the price break, select the pack size above next to the "Add to Cart" button
Sku: AD2401
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