How to Choose a Regulator (North America)

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How to Choose a Regulator (North America)

Below is information on how to choose an oxygen tank regulator. Prior to choosing an oxygen tank regulator, you need to know what oxygen tank you are going to use.  Click here to read about acquiring an oxygen tank

In this guide you will learn:

  • About oxygen regulators
  • Regulator anatomy
  • The difference between 870, 540, and regulators for an oxygen concentrator
  • The size of an oxygen tank doesn’t matter (it’s the fitting)

About oxygen regulators

Oxygen regulators affix onto an oxygen tank. In North America, there are two different kinds of oxygen tanks which require two different regulators respectively.

An oxygen regulator is necessary for using an oxygen tank and allows you to change the speed at which oxygen is dispensed. The speed of the oxygen dispensed from the regulator is often called the “flow rate.” The flow rate is typically measured in Liters Per Minute (LPM).

In the context of ozone, changing the flow rate will change the strength of the ozone coming from the generator. A slower flow rate, such as 1/8LPM, will create a higher strength of ozone. A higher flow rate, such as 3/4LPM, will create a lower strength of ozone, called gamma or ug/ml.

Regulators for ozone generators are often referred to as "slow flow" regulators. Slow flow regulators are just regulators that go to slower flow rates such as 1/8LPM or 1/16LPM. A standard regulator does not go to flow rates that are needed to operate ozone generators.

For more information on how ozone generators work, you can read here.  

Regulator anatomy

  • Knob for adjusting the flow rate
  • Barb outlet where the oxygen comes out
  • Body
  • Gauge for displaying oxygen content
  • Connection point

The different regulators

There are two options in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico).

The only real difference between the 870 and 540 is the fitting they use to connect to the oxygen tank.  Otherwise, they are the exact same.  

Buying regulators in North America is really easy because you only have two options.  The size of the tank doesn't matter but the type of tank does.  You can read more about getting an oxygen tank here.  

870 Regulator

870 oxygen tank regulator will fit onto an 870 oxygen tank.  Again, if you're not sure which oxygen tank you're going 

540 Regulator

540 oxygen tank regulator will fit onto an 540 medical oxygen tank.  

Regulator for Oxygen Concentrator (not recommended)

We don't recommend using an oxygen concentrator.  Oxygen concentrators will get up to 95% oxygen concentration at best.  This does not create pure concentrations of ozone and oxygen, which will cause potentially harmful contaminants.  In addition, they are bulky, expensive, and inaccurate.  The only time using an oxygen concentrator is practical is for a sauna, water, or making ozone oil.  

If you are determined to use an oxygen concentrator, get one that goes to slower flow rates such as 1/2 or 1/4LPM.  You will also need to purchase the attachment (pictured below) to get even slower flow rates such as 1/16 or 1/8LPM.  These flow rates are necessary to properly operate our ozone generators.  

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