Ozone Syringe Filling System

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Makes filling a syringe much easier. 


  • Destruct
  • 1 3-Way Valve
  • 2 Male Luer Locks
  • 1 ft of Silicone Tubing
  • 1 Syringe Filter

Product Description:

The Ozone Syringe Filling System comes pre-assembled with one 3-way valve, one destruct, two male luer lock fittings, 1ft of tubing, and a syringe filter to get you started. Merely change the direction of the gas coming from the destruct into the syringe by turning the valve knob without the need for turning off your generator.

What is your return policy?

All Simply O3 ozone generators come with a 6 MONTH money back guarantee, from the date of completed order. If for any reason the customer decides to return the product within that time frame, we will refund the full price of the device minus the shipping cost. Shipping costs will not be refunded to the customer.

***Orders over $7,000USD will be subject to a 25% restocking fee two weeks after the date of the purchase. No returns allowed after 6 months.

This policy exists to encourage our customers to try the device. They can always return within 6 MONTHS, for any reason.

This policy applies to all purchases of an ozone generator device

Some products (such as a Complete Ozone Kit) includes both an ozone generator and accessories.  Unused accessories can be returned for a full refund within the 6 months only under the following criteria:
- It is unused
- It is undamaged
- It is returned with the entire kit, including the ozone generator and other accessories

Accessories and Regulators

Accessories, ozone add-ons, and ozone oils can be returned within 30 days of the purchase if they are unopened and unused.  After 30 days, we do not accept refunds of accessories.

Oxygen Tanks
Unused oxygen tanks may be returned within 30 days of the purchase date.  They must be shipped back empty and be entirely unused.  Refunds will no longer be accepted after 30 days.  

The customer is responsible for shipping the products to us.  

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