3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit
3.0 Complete Kit

3.0 Complete Kit

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Key Features

  • EASY TO USE - Step-by-step instructions. The Stratus 3.0 was designed with the home user in mind.
  • ULTRA PURE OZONE - Made of 100% ozone resistant products, guaranteed. Produces pure, contaminant free ozone.
  • FOR BEST HOME METHODS - This kit is developed to give you the extra punch you need for home health.  
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - Engineered to last a lifetime and backed with a lifetime warranty
  • RISK FREE - Hassle free, no questions asked 6 month money back guarantee. Don’t like the results? Just send the equipment back for a full refund. Lasts a lifetime and backed with a lifetime warranty.

3.0 Complete Kit Includes

  • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
  • Your choice of oxygen tank regulator (select above)
  • Ozone destruct 
  • Ozone Water Bubbler System 
  • 6ft Silicone Tubing
  • Ozone Stethoscope
  • Catheters (x10)
  • 3-Chambered Ozone Bags (x2)
  • 60cc Syringe (x2)
  • Note: Kit does not include an oxygen tank

Product description

We understand what it’s like to feel trapped. Like you, we are frustrated by the lack of clear information and effective methods.

Bring clarity to life with a simple, effective application. Using the machine only takes a couple minutes a day and anybody can learn how to use it, even if you struggle with learning new things. Much of the information out there is conflicting and confusing, with the Stratus 3.0, you will have consolidated, easy to follow guidance on ozone at home.


  • Cold Corona Discharge
  • Luer lock attachments for ease of attaching accessories
  • Internal Components - Quartz Glass, Medical Grade Titanium, and Silicone
  • CE Approved for quality and safety assurance
  • Lifetime: 10,000 hours
  • Output: 10 ug/mL – 75 ug/mL (varies slightly)
  • 110/220V - worldwide compatible


Lifetime manufacturer's warranty on all parts and components. If anything goes wrong, not due to user error (like throwing it into a lake), we will fix it.

Return Policy

6 Month Money Back Guarantee. Doesn't work for you? Just send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. We just ask that you pay the shipping (we don’t refund shipping) and we take care of the rest. 

simply o3 stratus kit comparisonsimply o3 stratus kit comparison

Get Clear Direction · Use Effective Methods · Live a Healthy Life

Do you feel trapped by illness? Would you like to live a normal life?  Chronic illness is often treated with non-effective conventional methods.  Much of the information is conflicting and confusing.

You want to live a normal life and use non-toxic effective therapies. And really know what is best for your health.   You should be allowed to live a normal, healthy life. It shouldn’t be so difficult to sort through the information.

We understand what it’s like to feel trapped. Like you, we are frustrated by the lack of clear information and effective methods.  

Find Freedom · Be a Healthy Person

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Product image
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Julie Wessman

This machine has changed my life. There is so much you can do with it for health, and the team will answer any questions you have along the way.

customer image

Dr. Michael Rankin

There are a lot of people out there talking about ozone and talking about the use of ozone but the challenge is finding someone who not only makes a good product but who can help you avoid issues when you use it… I would never trust anybody but Simply O3.

customer image

Marcy Peters

My doctor gave me the information for Simply 03 and this home unit has been a life saver; literally it has given me back my life! And, it's so easy to use. No more do I have to worry about catching everything going around and I'm able to get back out in society and enjoy life.

Over 8,000 People Provided with Home Ozone Equipment

  • 6 Month Hassle Free, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee
  • No contaminants, guaranteed!  Only ultra pure ozone
  • We will help you every step of the way, ozone at home doesn't have to be difficult.

How much is a lack of health costing you?

How many non-effective methods have you tried? How often are you feeling overwhelmed and wondering what could work? How long have you wanted to be a healthy person, enjoying life? Sickness, coupled with confusing information and non-effective methods, may be costing you a great deal.

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Carson P.
United States United States

So far so good

This kit has everything I need. My wife and mom also use it for ear insufflation.

Bobbi G.
United States United States

What don’t I use this for…

I waited six months before leaving this review because I really wanted to test using at home Ozone first. I primarily use this for the ****** insufflation but I’ve branched out and now I love using the ozone water for any skin issues as well as the cupping. I have had incredible results with this. I bought it primarily to help with brain fog I was experiencing from a very stressful time In my life. My family will attest that my brain fog is greatly improved. It did take a few months to really notice a difference but i will go days without any issues with word recall where before I would blank on word recall at least hourly . It’s actually incredible, i had started to think it was just part of aging but not anymore. Overall I have more energy and feel more like a younger version of myself. I also didn’t catch Covid when both of my teenage kids had it and they weren’t quarantined to their rooms (!). I was doing the ****** administration probably five times a week for at least four to five months - it’s a gradual improvement. BONUS: I struggle with cold sore breakouts at least once a month. I started doing the ozone cupping, ozone oil and infrared light therapy on my lips and since I’ve started doing that they never progress to where they are visible anymore. It’s incredible actually. I do the red light everyday but only use the ozone products when i start to feel a tingle and know they’re starting. Seriously a lifesaver and so worth the money. Took me a minute to get comfortable with the settings etc but now it’s easy and fast. I go to my local welding supply for oxygen refills about $35 but I’ve only needed to refill once in sid months. I store everything under my bathroom sink ready to go and out of sight. I broke a part of the water bubbler and customer service was amazing and sent me a free replacement. Thank you guys! Seriously life changing. I’m the Holy Roller Ozone Missionary now to whoever will listen haha.

nancy s.
United States United States

Surprisingly Easy!

I’ve done a 10-pass 4 times and noticed a significant difference in my health. Since I am on a very small budget, I decided to get the 3.0 equipment so I can do this for the rest of my life for about the same cost as one 10-pass. Initially, I avoided using the equipment because I was afraid I would do something wrong. After watching all the videos and taking really good notes, I followed instructions and it was surprisingly easy. I have chronic itching in my ears and recently, had a slightly stuffy sinus. The ear infusion cleared them up right away. I did this two days in a row and will wait to see when the itching comes back. For now, this is the only thing that has helped. The ****** Ozone, too, was incredibly easy. I’m almost embarrassed by how easy it was. I am so, so grateful for this equipment.

United States United States

Verry happy

Easy set up great resources provided by company. Budget friendly , I know some would still say can not afford the package but I see the value all the ways to use ozone and in a set- amazing ! I have more energy and it is clearing my entire head neck lymphatic glands that were severely clogged. So thankful!

Micah - The Ozonaut 3.0 Complete Kit Review
Cindy K.
United States United States

Great Health Benefits

The Ozone Kit I purchased through Simply 03 has worked better that I thought it would. I have Chronic Fatigue, my doctor gave me 5 infusions of Ozone. That was greatly expensive and he along with his nurse told me about Simply 03 ozone. I have be using it daily. I am continuing to feel better. My energy and stamina is increasing! This is a great product. I only wish I knew about this 20 years ago.