Ozoral Ozone Oral Gel

Product Description

An Ozone Infused mucoadhesive hydrogel to promote a healthy mouth

Key features:

  • Activated Oxygen for whitening teeth
  • Antiseptic properties for eliminating bad bacteria
  • Oil in gel is great for oil pulling
  • Comes in 15ml tube for portability and easy dispensing

Ozoral Ozone Oral Gel is an ozone infused, mucoadhesive hydrogel, uniquely formulated to protect the oral mucosa for a healthy mouth.

Instructions: After proper oral hygiene, carefully apply to the affected area with the help of a cleansed fingertip or tool.  Avoid eating and drinking for at least one hour after the application to promote the long-lasting effect of the gel.

Not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.