Tooth and Gum Ozone Oil, 2 Oz Jar

Product Description

Simply O3 Tooth and Gum Support is a paste consistency, which makes it an easy to use product for a variety of dental applications. People and dentists often used for Periodontitis, Gingivitis, cavities, decay, toothaches, bacterial infections, cold sores, receding gum lines, and general tooth wellness.

Apply Tooth and Gum Support with a dental pick, cotton swab, finger, or dental floss. For dental pick applications, use the pick to scoop the oil and pick it between the teeth or directly on the affected area. For cotton swab applications, scoop the oil with the swab and apply directly to the affected area and let the swab rest. For dental floss applications, coat the floss with the oil and slide the floss between the teeth. You can also use your finger as an easy alternative to the dental pick.

With a medium shelf like, Simply O3 Tooth and gum Support is recommended to be refrigerated for irregular usage.  If you use the product within two months, no refrigeration is necessary.

Ozone Oils work wonders for your mouth?

Using Ozone oil for teeth and gums should be apart of dental hygiene, according to dental professionals.  Dr. Mercola writes "when selectively applied, ozone can provide significant benefits in dentistry. In fact, ozone is the only way to predictably re-mineralize the tooth."

Ozone oil is known to kill bacteria, bugs, fungi, viruses and many other potential problems. Your mouth can contain viruses and bacteria and our Ozone Oil (Tooth and Gum Support) offers an easy practical way to battle these issues daily.

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