Ozone Diffusion Stone

Product Description
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Ozonate liquid with this fine-pore Ozone Diffusion Stone. 

Key Features:

  • Constructed from kynar and glass bonded silica, 100% ozone resistant materials
  • Fine-pore diffusion maximizes the surface area of the gas, thus reducing exposure time necessary.
  • Designed for ozonating liquids
  • Great for washing produce with ozone


  • One fine-pore Ozone Diffusion Stone
  • Four feet of silicone tubing
  • A single One-Way Check Valve to prevent liquid back flow
  • One male Luer Lock for attaching to ozone generator

Product Description:

Commonly used in creating ozonated liquid, the Ozone Diffusion Stone attaches directly to an ozone generator.  This Ozone Diffusion Stone serves as an economic option to ozonate liquid in contrast to the Ozone Bubbler System.  But it does not have a method for catalyzing (destroying) the ozone, do not utilize while you are in the room, use good ventilation. Ozone will go direct into the air after bubbling through the liquid.

The Ozone Diffusion Stone has been designed with 100% ozone resistant materials – Kynar with a glass bond silica.  The fine-pore is ideal for maximizing the surface area of the gas, making the process of ozonating liquid quicker.  

Sku: AC0901

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