Dental Ozone Kit

Product Description

Get Started with the basics for dental ozone.  Make Ozone Water, Gas, and Oils with this kit.  

$100 off until 12/15

Kit Includes:

  • Stratus Ozone Generator for generating ozone gas
  • Oxygen Tank Regulator for regulating the oxygen flow
  • Ozone Bubbler System for making ozone water 
  • Dental Hand Piece for dental application of ozone gas
  • Ozone Oil Sample 5 Pack for oral and topical use of ozone oil
  • Ozone Stethoscope for insufflating the ear with ozone
  • Foot Pedal for easy, hands-free on/off switch of ozone gas

This kit does not include an oxygen tank.  We generally recommend that you purchase a medical oxygen tank locally.  We can ship you one if it is necessary, however it will be more expensive and time consuming in the end.