2000mL Ozone Bubbler

Product Description

Make large quantities of ozone water with the 2,000mL Ozone Bubbler System.  


  • Constructed from glass and silica, 100% ozone resistant materials
  • Fine-pore ozone diffuser for maximizing surface area of gas in liquid
  • Check valve to prevent backflow into the generator



  • One 2,000mL Ozone Bubbler
  • One Ozone Destruct
  • One Check Valve (pre-installed)
  • One male Kynar Luer Lock (pre-installed)

For making ozone water, pour the liquid into the container and attach the bubbler to the ozone generator.  The internal stem has a fine-pore diffuser at the bottom, where the gas will bubble through the liquid.  Once it bubbles through the liquid, it will exit the container into what is called an “ozone destruct.”  The ozone destruct is filled with a carbon-based catalyst which will neutralize the excess ozone so it is not dispensed into the air.

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